Sunday, 4 November 2012

NaNoing along...

NaNo's going well so far! Hit 10k yesterday, and haven't really done any today becuase I've had other stuff to get done and a proposal/essay to finish, which I'm a bit worried about because I have no idea if I've done the right sort of thing, and my portfolio for the end of term sounds a bit wishy washy. But anyway.

I wrote this the other day, on the first day of NaNo while I was brainstorming some poem ideas, and thought I'd post it as I just typed it up. Thought you guys might find it slightly entertaining. Maybe.Who knows. Indulge me.

November First
Furiously tying 1,000
Words before nine am -
That’s what NaNo does
To you. Immediate feeling
Of satisfaction, something
Already done, and plenty
Of time to go.

That eager anticipation
As the days countdown –
November is around
The corner and you know
What that means.

Over the world the
Same madness reigns,
Writers furiously scribbling
Desperate to reach
Their daily word count
And I am wasting time
By writing this poem
Instead of topping up
My word count.

Hope everyone's NaNoing is going well!


  1. 10K is amazing! I just got there to. I am trying to get on with uni work today, but I keep getting distracted because I want to write my novel LOL. It must be done though.
    Loving the poem, sums up the madness of NaNo :)
    Good luck for the rest of NaNo

    1. Thanks Laura! Now at 15K, whoop :) Well done, sounds like it's going well for you too :) Hahaa, easily done I know the problem!
      Thank youuuu :)
      and you xxx

  2. Ha, I love the end of the poem! Too funny. Good luck with everything!