Friday, 21 March 2014

"I still got sand in my shoes...."

I don't know why I have that in my head - probably because I do, quite literally, still have sand in my shoes. It occured to me earlier that I haven't blogged in a while, and I apologise. What a few weeks it's been!

Anyway, going back to the sand. Last week, I went on a last minute trip down to Fowey (my favourite place in the world, if you hadn't gathered already), and it was amazing.

This post has been a little derailed (see previous post), but it still seems astonishing how quickly time is flying by. A week ago, I was in Fowey having a wonderful time. Sigh. I can't believe it really.

There was sand, sun, walking, coffee, books, writing, a range of interesting people, wonderful food and just being in my favourite place was so wonderful <3 I love Fowey.

As Daphne du Maurier wrote:
"All I want is to be at Fowey. This now is my life. This and no one else."
 That's from memory, so it might be wrong, but that's the general idea.

Oh I miss it. I feel so at home there.

I made lots of writing notes as well while I was there. Writing wise, I'm working on so many things I'm driving myself crazy. I don't want to complain, becasue I need writing and I rely on writing and it's my everything, but oh man, sometimes I shouldn't let my brain take over as much as it does!

Anyway, I'm still editing (again) Treading Water, writing my first draft of the strange spy story, also working on my dissertation idea (a children's story, eeep -which seems like it's going to be funny, ah!), and also my script for this current module - of which I only have ONE seminar left, EVER! Crazy. Like I say, where is time going? And then there's all the other ideas my head keeps throwing at me, and i keep trying to put off, but it's tough. Sigh. So lots and lots of writing going on - although the amount of different things does mean that sometimes I get NOTHING done because I'm wondering what on earth to work on!

Spring seems to have finally arrived as well, and that makes me very happy!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Posie: A Cat with Nine Lives

My beautiful little cat, Posie, had to be put down today. Having gone through so much loss in my life, it seems silly to let this effect me so much. But it has. I guess that even though she was slowly getting thinner, I didn't expect to be writing this, or for this to happen right now, in the way that it did. Posie was mine, and I had her for fourteen years, and she was my best friend and closest ally, and always there for me. She would know when I was home, and sleep on my bed night after night, or sit on my lap.

She was a beautiful little burmese cat, and when we first got her, she was so tiny, tinier than a shoe, and she was just adorable and so adventurous. She used to follow us on walks, and one time, my dad had to hold her becasue there was another dog, and she was so scared she bit his ear.

She had this beautiful stripe down her nose, and she just loved everyone. 

I was only ten when I got her, and that's, really, a life time. You change so much from when you're ten to when you're twenty four, and she was always there. The constant. It's crazy to think that she's been around for so much of my life, and so many of the big things. 

She got into countless scrapes over the years, and certainly used up her nine lives! She used to get stuck up trees, and once fell out a tree onto a barbed wire fence, and cut her stomach open. She ran away for a week, and came back with a broken jaw, and missing teeth - and always had a scar above her eye after that. When she went missing, my dad made missing leaflets, and took them round the village, looking for her. She was playing with a needle and thread one day, and swallowed it all, and had to be rushed to the vet. She climbed out of a window of the house once, and got stuck on a bit of roof, and my dad climbed up to get her.

We got another cat to calm her down, and after that, she was a lot calmer, but still managed to catch rabbits, voles, mice, and birds, which she would bring back to the house, while the other cat just lazed around in his bed!

She used to love find warm places, and she loved the airing cupboard, and people's heads when they slept - much to the shock of some guests! She would hide under duvets and sheets, and find little spaces to curl up in. She would curl herself around my head as I slept, or we would lie side by side, tucked up in bed.  She had the loudest purr, and would purr into my ear as she slept on my head. 

 I would cradle her like a baby, and she was such a lapcat she was perfectly content to be carried around like that. When she was tiny, she would just go to sleep in my arms.

She loved the sun, and would find any small patches of sun and stretch out. She loved the summer, and exploring outside. In the summer, she would be covered in dust from rolling around, and she was always troubled by harvest mites. 

She was beautiful and she was mine, and I can't even imagine home without her. I can't imagine not having her around. I already miss my little baby like crazy.