Monday, 26 November 2012

The end of November approaches...

Hit 60k yesterday with my NaNo novel which I am elated with. My 70k goal disappeared a little while ago, because somehow I seem to have run out of story and I physically can't type much more - my hands keep hurting and I think this is a sign to have a rest! 60k is more than I have ever done on a NaNo novel before in November so I am very happy with that and relieved to have got there - and early too. I am very surprised at myself!

As always coming to the end of NaNo is both sad and a relief. I love the experience and everything, and just writing a story every day, but this year in particular, I have realised there are other things I want to be working on/editing, and lots of poetry to do that it is has been a little tough and I think my hands are screaming out to me. Or maybe that's just the cold and rain. That's what I'm telling myself, haha! It has been a good experience though to aim for more words and I am glad I did, because it shows me I can, but I am looking forward to leaving this story be, and get on with some editing of another project I am really excited about and can't wait to work on. In a few days.... I'll take a few days off, focus on some poetry (or at least I'll try, I'm not very good at leaving things be) but I do have poetry stuff to do.

On another note I would like to say that we've posted the first writing prompt over on the Shine forums which I would love for you all to get involved in! Go check it out here.

Under a month until Christmas too - that is a scary thought. So much to do before then! And under three weeks until the end of this term, how did it go so quickly?

How is the end of NaNo looking for everyone this year?


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