Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Post NaNo: Other Projects and Editing

Post NaNo now, and glad but also sad to be away from that story. I mean it's weird not to have it open all the time anymore and I do feel like I suddenly have tonnes more time on my hands. Which means I'm back to the story I was working on before and have been editing for ages now, on and off. Even started redrafting query letters today, something I started a few months ago, before NaNo etc happened. That's kind of terrifying in itself. Feeling my way through that one.

Looking over the story (my children's story, and the one I'm back to focusing the most on now that NaNo is over) again, and at that point where I think if I read these chapters and these words again, I might... well, I'm at that point where I can't see anything wrong with it anymore, although I know there is much that is still wrong.Argh. So frustrating. Guess I need to try and find someone to have a look for me sometime!

The familiar panic is rising though - what do I work on? I want to work on this, but I can't spend all my time doing it, and then there's the other project I typed up before NaNo and am eager to get editing - although I'm making myself wait until at least December. I dont' want to burn out. Too much. And so I keep skipping around, looking at one thing and then another, unable to settle. Typical!

In other news, Christmas is coming! I made mince pies with a friend on Sunday which was very exciting, and today we settled down to Love Actually and The Holiday, which made us even more festive.

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