Sunday, 18 November 2012

NaNo Update

NaNo is going well. On 46k, so nearly at 50k! Earliest I think that I've ever got there (not that I've got there yet). I guess that's because I'm aiming for more, and I will keep on going until the end of the month and see where I get to. It's all rather exciting. Although my chapter plan is letting me down a bit and I keep getting frustrated with it. You know how you plan stuff out and think it will be enough to fill the chapter and realise that it's really not, so you start well, blabbing... and my goodness, really you have nothing to say and you're let by your planning which you think is so thorough. Yeah, so I've been dealing with that and trying to fill words and it's been up and down. But hopefully it's on the up now.

Last weekend I was kinda low, which was horrible and I couldn't really do anything except sit and be sad and cry and watch Gilmore Girls (which I'm now addicted to) and eat lots of biscuits. Monday morning I suddenly had tonnes of energy, which was very scary and lots of creative energy, so this week has been full of ideas and productivity (sort of) and it's been good. Hopefully I'll stay on this high, because that would be nice. I hate the lows, especially ones like that. It was scary.

Anyway, off to do some writing, hopefully get to 50k, write some poetry, do some reading, some other writing and planning and art and exciting things. I hope. In reality it'll probably be youtube videos and scrolling through tumblr but I may surprise myself....

Hope NaNo is going well for everyone else!


  1. I'm sorry you were low this week! That's the worst. Thank goodness for Gilmore Girls, though, and some new writing energy. Good luck!

    1. Thank you <3 it is, absolutely! Thanks :) x