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These YA projects are all at different stages.

Sweet Little Lies

Seventeen year old Frances Scott has been breaking into Cannon Hall for the last six months since it has been shut up and abandoned. But now, there are voices – and new people are moving into the house. It looks like her breaking and entering days are over and she’s left with nowhere to hide from her chaotic life at home and the space that her Gran has left in her life.

But she doesn’t factor in bumping into one of the new inhabitants of the house – a teenage boy who is rude and cocky - and not someone she wants to spend any more time around. After he catches her breaking into the house, she flees, vowing never to return again.

All the same, she finds it hard to stay away from the house, and soon her life begins to intertwine with the big house in more ways than she expected…  


Fire leaves scars.                                                

Roberta Blue left her previous school under a suspicious cloud, leaving behind burnt out buildings and one girl dead. All she can remember is trying to crawl out from the burning building, and then her memories are blank. She can’t remember where the fire came from – or why it happened.

At St Mary’s, she had been captain of the lacrosse team, clever, witty, popular, and bubbly. The perfect stereotype.  

But since the fire, she has withdrawn into herself and has spent the last few months since the fire, not seeing anyone and hiding away with her own thoughts and fears.

Now, her parents and younger sister have moved abroad and she has been dumped at a boarding school for sixth form. After the ordeal of the last few months, it’s tough at first and she’s determined to hide the scars on her arms and her past. She falls into a group of people she doesn’t want to be with – people just like she used to be and knows that as soon as they work out the truth, they won’t want anything more to do with her. It’s only when a chance encounter leads her to hearing a voice in her head that she realises things might not be exactly how she thought.

And no, she’s not going mad.

She’s just… different. 

The Longest Day 

Aila Blair and Fenella Drummond both grew up on the same, small island off the coast of Scotland. Although they sat next to one another at Primary School, they aren’t particularly close – Aila never wants to have to leave the island, whereas Fenella dreams of leaving and becoming a big singer, just like her mother once was.

But as Midsummer rolls around, all disagreements are put to one side. Just for one night anyway, as the annual beach party approaches.

There are the new, summer arrivals on the island too.

Anne Pearce and her family have arrived so that her father can study the seabirds with Aila’s father.

And then there’s the mysterious girl who got off the ferry but seems to have disappeared and nobody knows who she is.

As the four girls come together in an unexpected way, secrets and stories are revealed, and the girls discover new connections and friendships… 

A Royal Appointment 

It’s half term and Alexandria Gordon is due back home for her brother’s big wedding. But her planes are thrown into jeopardy when an air strike means that she won’t be able to get home in time.

Cue her boyfriend Charlie offering to drive her home, across Europe, with his best friend Saunders, and her dorm mate Penelope.

As they race across Europe against the clock, Alexandria’s aware of the secrets that she’s been holding over the past year that will explode – any minute now… 

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