Thursday, 23 February 2012

Keeping Up...

I'm trying my best to keep up with everything; I've been completely snowed under by work, and it seems like there is so much to keep up with at the moment, with all these new blogs and campaigner challenges and everything, so I apologise if I'm not keeping up (I also apologise for all this apologising... I'm English, what do you expect?!).

I have had tonnes of work to do (but handed something in today which is a relief) but, as always, I have found the time to do some writing and started something new - which I shouldn't be doing what with all this editing I'm trying to do, but the idea grabbed me and well, I had to... - and I hit 10,000 words on that last night which makes me happy. I will start doing that editing again.... Something struck me today in my dissertation workshop. I know we have tonnes of work and reading and all of that at the moment, and I work hard, and get unnecessarily stressed out. Yet I still make time to write and read what I want to. There were people - which to be fair always happens - saying that they have no time to read anything that's not for their course, nor to do any writing, and I'm just.. well, if you want to do it, you would do it right? That's what I think anyway. But then I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or missing out on something (maybe the complex social life, but shhh... I do do things...). There is always time to do those things. I think so anyway.

Anyway, I'm using this brief window of time to catch up and post the first challenge, from Rach Writes' campaign. Which I post seperately, because of this ramble...


  1. Don´t be too hard on yourself :D You´ve got a full plate!

  2. There is always time to do all the things.
    You just have to make sacrifices and shift your priorities around, which isn't always easy.

    1. There definitely is... that's very true. It is definitely hard, but is always worth it in the end! :) x