Friday, 3 February 2012

winter blues

I've been a bit stressed out this week, feeling like I have tonnes of stuff to do (which I do, but it's probably not all doom and gloom like my brain is telling me) and have been feeling under the weather, exhausted and to top it all a cold has started... just what I need. But there we go. I don't mean to whine (sorry) but that seems to be exactly what I'm doing.... AND IT'S SO COLD!! I hate being cold. That probably hasn't helped at all.

Anyway, despite all that I seem to have begun to got into a regular writing/editing routine, which I love; which means that in the last few days I have managed to get at least an hour in in the evenings (if not more... I've had a lot on) and been able to get on with some editing. So far I have managed to go through my NaNo novel once, writing some notes and beginning to make some critical changes. It's hard being harsh sometimes, and the depth/way in which I do it definitely alters with my mood, but I'm getting somewhere - I hope. Also, as is so often the way, in other moments I have come up with tonnes of ideas for different stories, and they seem so tempting and wonderful and pretty..., but I have been determined to do what I can to these other stories. There's no point just starting loads of things... and ideas have to grow and become something, and I find it's definitely best to let them rest for a while. Having 'finished' an inital edit/read through/note making session for that, I'm going to go back to my other story and hope that now I like it again. I think I will, I've been thinking about it again.

But not tonight. I'm so exhausted, I'm going to get an early night and read my book, curled up with my hot water bottle, and hopefully feel better for the weekend.

p.s. happy February everyone!

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