Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Doing this more regularly makes me think abouthow much time I waste doing silly things, like messing around on twitter/tumblr/blogs etc, and how much time it is possible to spend youtubing Darren Criss and Starkid.

There are times when I'm so busy, with so much work to do that I think 'if only I had time to do some writing' and then when I have the time, I sit and mess around, or keep thinking 'I will do some soon... I will...' and then I get distracted by food or the internet or people or coffee or books or Darren Criss... and the list goes on... So many distractions! But that is my fault really I suppose... That's why i enjoy doing NaNoWriMo, because I feel compelled to write something every day and reach my target. And while at the minute, I feel there is writing I should do for creative writing, the deadline still feels a way off yet... Yet I've got to write a 4,000 word short story/words of short story, and edit it, and all that malarky, that I really need to start. I've been playing around with ideas. I've started revising for my other module. I've started thinking about rereading the texts I next to read for my disssertation over Christmas. I know what I have to do. It's getting down to doing it. I don't really know where this is going. Today I haven't done much work. I had a lecture, then a trip (one we had to go on for our creative writing fieldtrip... I'm not complaining, a trip to the beach is always welcome) and I'm aware that it is the end of term, and it's good to spend time with everyone, because the week is already going so quickly and I'll regret it otherwise, but I haven't stopped yet, and its nearly Christmas! I keep swinging from one mood to another, and well, this blog post is all one big excuse to procrasinate. I think I'm just trying to organise myself...

It's been a good term though. Of course it's had its ups and downs, and hasn't always been so cheery, but I have enjoyed my course and have spent some wonderful times with my friends. I've loved doing Creative Writing, more than I hoped, and love our class, and I also love my class for my other module, although I haven't always enjoyed that so much. I have loved getting on with dissertation ideas, and getting all that together, and talking to other people who are excited and enthuastic too, and I can't wait to write it. I have loved this place, as much as I ever do, and I have loved my friends, and everything I've done with them - all the lunches, and coffees and suppers, and times in the pub. It's been a good term really. Although, of course, it's still not over, and there's still much to be done... although, no more deadlines for this term, just a lot to get started with... And of course, the end of term means Christmas and going home, and I have mixed feeligns about all of that, as anyone who knows me would know. It's all crept up on me very quickly...

And now, I'm going to go and do some writing.

Whilst rewatching some Monarch of the Glen. *

*we were watching 'Balmoral' and it made me nostalgic... and it's nearly the end of term.... **

** I've also been doing loads of reading, but more of that later...

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