Monday, 5 December 2011

Evy and Violet

So I caved (to what, myself?) and began writing, what shall now be known as 'Evy and Violet' because I don't have the title for it yet and have no ideas - odd in itself as for the last few things I've done I've had the title from the start. Anyway, we'll see.
I already have 800 words. Not bad.
But we'll have to see what happens. I may end up abandoning it for a while. Or I may not. We shall see.... I'm still excited about it, at the minute, which is always a good sign. Although things I have yet to think about are already becoming apparent. It's all helpful though. There's only so much initial planning you can do.
Its a new adventure!
although everything else is looking at me rather mournfully saying 'edit me! edit me!' I'll get round to that... I promise. And the short stories... I will, I will.
Anyway, all very exciting!

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