Sunday, 4 December 2011

Happy December!

So it is now December. I can't believe it really, and with that only a couple of weeks until the end of term - this time in two weeks I will be heading home. Strange.
It has been a busy few days, with Christmas parties, Arthur Christmas, Christingles, Carol Services.. all very festive, and as such I have no done much writing. I have thought about writing. I have been reading loads however. I went to the town library and got very excited in the teenage section and came away with: The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater), If I stay (Gayle Forman), Lament (also Maggie), Paranormalcy (Kierstein White) and Paper Towns (John Green) - many of which were books that I'd been interested in for a while and never expected the library to have. So a successful trip. I managed to race through them, and went back again yesterday and came away with: Ballad, the sequel to Lament, Shiver, and three Terry Prachett's. How very exciting. I love libraries, especially when you find lots of things you want to read. And clearly I am really getting into YA. Well, so far, I adore it. And why not? It's great fun and it counts as 'research' (ha... yeah). My housemates keep picking up whatever I'm reading and are like 'Faeries?' 'Vampires?' 'Werewolves?' Really? It seems I have swayed over to the paranormal stuff, just for a bit... I love both contemporary and paranormal and other stuff. It's just great writing.
Writing wise, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my next idea, and am very excited to start. I may just start and see what happens, becuase there's only so much initial thinking you can do, and I'm beginning to get restless, it being so long (well it seems it) since NaNo finished. But I am fully concious I need to come up with some good short story ideas soon, for my module and to be handed in in January. Although there's a holiday inbetween, my exam and deadlines aren't actually all that far away, which is oh so very exciting.
I also have a lot of editing to do.
But it's all fun.
Although, what with all the reading I've been doing and everything else, I am beginning to get that feeling that I NEED to write something...

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