Saturday, 19 January 2013


Guuuuuys.  I have to go out in about twenty minutes, I've been in all day, I'm not ready to go, and it's now I decide I NEED to do this. Of course. Typical.

Anyway. Had my first fiction seminar last Wednesday, which was good. It's certainly different from the poetry module and will be much more work, but I'm looking forward to it. I think it'll will be good. Except we've been set an exercise to do this week, and I seem to have frozen. I guess because I have to step out of my usual style a bit, and do something I'm not used to. Create a host of characters, that you dont' have to do in poetry in quite the same way. And it's frustrating me. I can't get this story right. It's just so irritating. I'm hoping to crack it tomorrow; but I guess part of the problem is I've got other things I want to work on! We have to email it round as well, and so I want to get it right I guess.

We have to keep a notebook too - which I've done before and I do that anyway, I was expecting that anyway, but I've started a new notebook with a bit to go in my other way to keep everything together and that upsets me. And I haven't really been writing anything in it yet. Mainly because I've been editing Love-All and doing other things, and I feel like they don't really fit. But that will all come together I'm sure. Excuse my babbling - only a short post, but I just wanted to get my frustrations off my chest. I better go get ready!

Edits are going well though - quite a lot to still do and lots of plot detail to be added and worked out, but I think it's going alright. Went through and worked out which chapters still need lots of work and it's quite reassuring to see it all laid out like that. Need to do some brainstorming though!

RIGHT. Better go!


  1. It's always frustrating when something just isn't working but you can do it! Just focus on how happy you'll feel when it's all done and how you imagined :)

    1. Thank youuuuu!! :) Got the story done in the end which was a relief. Completely rewrote it and it worked better - phew. That's a good idea though, thanks!! :) xxx