Saturday, 26 January 2013

Murray Final.... eeek!

Sorry about the moaning post last week. This week has been much better. I got that story done (yay) and as I guess often happens when you are so immersed in something and hate it, I was surprised to receive nice comments from my class and very helpful feedback. Looking at it in a different way now!

I also managed to get to grips with the story I was editing and suddenly got it. Suddenly realised what I needed to do in some chapters I wasn't sure about, which made me very happy.

It's been a busy week, so I'm glad to have a very quiet weekend with nothing on so I just can just focus on lots of writing and reading (yay!). I am currently listening to the women's singles finals of the Australian Open on the radio. I am not that bothered about the women's matches, but I like having the commentry on in the background and it is an interesting match! Listening to tennis makes me feel very summery. Of course the most exciting news is that Murray is through to the FINAL! EEEEEK! Best news ever! It was such a tense match. I couldn't properly watch it as I was at work, but work was so quiet I was able to keep up with it, which was good, just a little nerve wracking! So elated though. Can't wait to watch the final tomorrow morning, going to be VERY exciting, and VERY tense. Eeek. I don't know if I'll cope, ha! Anyway, I'm excited about that. I like that it is timed so that it is perfectly acceptable to be able to watch it in the morning live and not in the middle of the night like the US Open was. Yay!

What else?

So editing is going well. I am working on the next exercise for class, which is going well so far. And an exciting story idea just occured to me too. Yay! I have a huge stack of library books too, and I went book shopping yesterday (shhh... totally for my course, of course.....). Lots of reading to do! Right, I guess I better get on, rather than rambling away here! Have a wonderfully creative weekend everyone.


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