Thursday, 10 January 2013

Editing and Redrafting Woes

Struggling a bit. Well, in the sense that I'm redrafting a story and editing it and adding lots of words and good things like that, and have been getting really into it, but in trying to make characters better having the problem that I have far too many chracters -  but then it's a school. It has to have all these characters. How do I balance that?

Maybe it's that I need more plot. I don't know.

And I keep thinking, 'ooh I should put a scene in in this classroom or where this happens', but then I'm very concious of scenes needing to further the plot. You know what I mean?

Does anyone else struggle with this? 

Any advice?

Other than that things are going well - despite my worries about this draft, I'm loving editing this story. And I handed my poems and essay in (yay!). Things are looking good this term. Busy but good.


  1. I have this problem all the time. Often it starts with me having the opposite problem, not enough characters, so I add more and then I end up with too many. I think you have to remember that every main character should have a point, if they don't then cut them. Sometimes you have to be harsh.

    Also, sorry I haven't got back to about more of George's Garden, stressing with my essay. But I will do soon, promise :)

    1. It's so frustrating isn't it! Thanks for the advice though. Am considering a major change to the story which will mean lots of work and changes but gettng this horrible feeling that it is the right thing to do. Argh.

      No worries at all! :) I hope your essay and uni work is going well :) xx

    2. If you feel it's the right thing to do then it probably is, all the work and effort will be totally worth it when you have an amazing novel :)

      Thanks, it's going slowly, but it's getting there :) x

    3. You're right. I'm going to do it. It will hopefully solve the character problem as well...Been sort of considering doing this for a while and I actually feel quite happy about doing it now (hoping that means it's the right decision). Probably won't be so enthuastic in a few days time! Ha!

      Yay, that's good :) xx

      p.s. thanks for the advice!

  2. Hm. It's hard to give advice without specifically knowing things about the story. It always helps to combine characters, though. If two characters serve the same function in the story, just put them into one.

    1. Hmm, that's true, whoops - sorry! It's a MG story, set at a boarding school, specifically a tennis academy.
      That's a very good idea though - thinking about it in a different way now. Will definitely consider that. Thanks!