Monday, 28 January 2013

Tennis and Monday Blues

Disappointing tennis result yesterday. Poor Murray. But then it wasn’t as excruciating as matches were a couple of years ago, because he can do it, and he fought so well yesterday. It was a fantastic match, and they’re both brilliant players. And I like Djokovic. If he hadn’t been playing Murray I would have been rooting for him! The commentators were saying that the big rivalry is now between these two, now that Federer is waning a bit, and Nadal has still not made his return (sorry, Nadal who?). 

It made me feel very summery though, all this tennis. I love it. Makes me long for the summer even more though. Warm days, bare feet, Wimbledon, swimming, reading outside... *sigh*. I watched the Wimbledon film afterwards which I adore, but probably didn’t help. Although it did make me feel better. Strange how dated that film is (it’s nearly ten years old, gosh?! Really?!) what with no hawk eye, no roof on centre court and the fact that then a British guy int he final was wistful thinking. HA. Not so anymore. This has to be Murray’s year!

I seem to get a lot of ideas too from tennis which is excellent. Lots of notes made. 
Feeling rather flat today though. Delayed case of Sunday night blues I think (going back to school syndrome) which I haven’t had in ages, normally because I’m busy on a Monday. And this week I’m not, which is rather odd. I don’t like it. 

And what doesn’t help either is that I FINISHED my draft (third?) of Love-All yesterday, which being tennis themed was fantastic to be writing yesterday, I think the matches being on helped a lot! Helped me get in the mood. I love listening to the commentaries, even if I’m not that bothered about the match. So I finished that off. I was giving myself until the end of January so I’ve been left with a few spare days now. What?! I feel a bit lost without it, I just want to open it up and do stuff, but I know I should leave it for a few weeks so that I can look at it again with a fresh eye. It’s difficult though. I made so many big changes to it, it was quite a challenge and i don’t think I realised quite how much it was affecting me. I feel much lighter now, but at the same time I don’t.... because I feel lost. And I guess that isn’t helping my feeling today. 

Technically I have lots of other stuff to be working on, like an assignment for this week, but I just don’t feel motivated at all. I am also wondering what project to work on next. I hate inbetween projects. I have something to type up I wrote last summer, so I will do that and I had a new idea the other day so might see what comes of that, but still.


After such a great few days (especially writing wise) and a lovely quiet weekend hiding at home I just feel sad now and I have no idea why. 

But I am going to London this weekend, which is exciting because JOHN GREEN IN SIX – SIX – DAYS!!! Eeek. Very excited!


  1. I've become such a tennis/Murray fan since Wimbledon! So much fun watching that match yesterday. And yay for John Green! I'm so jealous. :)

    1. Yay, I'm so glad!:) that's awesome! It's just the best isn't it! I am a huge tennis fan (as you might have gathered :p). It's the only sport I get into! It was very exciting.
      So excited about it, whoop! Hehe :p xx