Monday, 5 March 2012

And it's all over.

What a hectic week it's been. Handed in an essay, had tonnes of rehearsals happening every day, Friday was my birthday, with rehearsals again the evening, and Saturday was also spent all day rehearsing and then the show itself, followed by the after show party, which meant that I didn't get to bed until past 4.30 in the morning, before getting up for chapel in the morning. I went to bed at nine last night, unsurprisingly, and didn't wake up until 9 this morning... I definitely needed that.
But now I have to catch up on the reading for this week (I should be doing that now) and catch up on blogging and all of that,and writing, and also revisit my dissertation... oh yeah.... THAT.

Oh well. I'll do it. I have that horrible feeling that it's all over though (that will be the last one of those shows I'm in as I graduate this year, but I'm hoping to come back and watch next year). At the same time I'm relieved that it went well and it's over and that we raised loads of charity, but at the same time, I'm sad because I enjoyed doing it so much, and it was so much fun, rehearsing with my friends all the time and writing it, and having a good time, and well, we became our characters. I'm also like, well what do I do now?!

I know I have loads of stuff to do, but I'm still sad. I feel a great sense of loss today (and happiness at having caught up on sleep...yesterday was a weird day). It's that sense of deflation, which comes with both my birthday and the musical having come and passed so quickly. You know, like at the end of a party when you just have all the dirty things to clear up? It's like that.

My birthday, while I didn't do anything special, was lovely, and my friends were all so lovely and generous to me. I got lots of cakes, and presents and cards, and I'm lucky to have so many lovely friends. I'm always surprised, but they're all wonderful. I'm old now. Or at least I feel old... which makes me think I need to update that profile about myself... ah man :( I'm beginning to ramble again.

Although there's still stuff to be excited about; I'm going to one of my favourite places at the weekend, in Cornwall, so I can't wait for that :D

Also, there's a new challenge so I'm going to try and get round to doing that soon, and I've been awarded a couple of blog awards, so I'm going to post about them soon!


  1. I know this feeling, of cleaning up after a party and being filled with sadness and adrenaline and memories too close to handle. But we move forward, don't we? What's left to do but dream another dream and make it come true?

    Here's to your life's story re-beginning! :)

    1. It is a strange feeling isn't it? We certainly do... that's very true though, I like that.

      Thank you :) xx