Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Little Lost Hen

This week in countryside life, the hot weather continues, and there's a runaway....

So this week, the big news of the lane, and indeed the village was the rogue hen living in the hedgerows. No one knows where this hen has come from, it doesn't seem to belong to anyone, and against all odds it seems to have survived (so far) being eaten by a fox (although we haven't seen it in the last few days).

It's been funny, because people have seen it, and then discussed it and it's been the topic of the week. I've seen it a couple of times, and I couldn't really believe what I was seeing, just because it seemed so odd and unusual.

Well the mystery persists.... and maybe we'll see it again, but I fear the worst....

In other news, the flower show is coming up. I failed to get my entry form in on time so won't be entering anything, but it's always good fun.

My sweet peas have gone mad as well, thanks to the hot weather. And we also have lots of cucumbers, courgettes, tomotoes, and even grapes!

In local news, sadly the Eastbourne pier caught fire yesterday. Horrible pictures of the destruction, but looks like they saved some of it!

Just a short update this week - need to crack on with the disssertation....

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