Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sweet Peas and a Heatwave!

I really don't know where the time is going - it's racing away from us! I mean, how did we get to this point in July already?

Around here, things are blossoming and everything's very green. They're predicting a heatwave over the next few days, and already the air feels much hotter.

This is what summer should be like though - long, lazy days, with outdoor theatre and cinema, late evening visits to each other's houses, lying on the grass, eating outside..... These are all elements that make up summer, in a rather nostalgic way.

It's church/village fete season as well, with our parish one coming up this Saturday. Rain is predicted, but hopefully it will hold off. We're hoping to bring out the giant Wheel of Fortune that I repainted last summer:
repainted wheel of fortune!
Although, we're still debating the best way to play the game! Also at the fete will be all the usual games such as the tombola, hoopla, and much more. It should be a good day (if the rain holds off!). 

In other news, my first sweet pea flowers have blossomed (and they smell great).

Hopefully it's the first of many, many flowers.

Just a quick update - I'm meant to be cracking on with my dissertation, although it's very hard to sit inside and work when it's nice outside! Oh well - if I get some done this morning, I'm going to sit and write outside this afternoon (and swim!).

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