Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bees, Cows, and Dogs

In an attempt to update my blog more regularly, I'm starting something new - a country diary, charting life in the countryside. Read the first entry here. 

Country life began again with a bang. Or more realistically, a swarm of bees. A couple of years ago, there was a huge swarm of bees that landed on our chimney. They come back year after year, and each summer, the sitting room is lost under an influx of bees.

This week they decided to swarm again, and the air was full of black dots as they all sought to land on the chimney. And one by one, they trickled down the chimney, filling the room with a buzzing sound, and the constant worry that you're going to stand/sit on one. We're not really sure how they get into the room from the chimney, there must be a hole somewhere. There seem to be hundreds of them this year. And they're not exactly easy to remove from the chimney!

Meanwhile, there are the cows and a couple of weeks ago a cow expert woman came over to assess the herd, cuing lots of talk about breeding, bulls, cows, the size of them etc. It all goes straight over my head to be honest, but it makes for some entertaining conversation to listen to! They also make an awful racket when they're moved around - and the other day one of the calves got out onto the footpath, cue panic!

After my lovely little cat had to be put down earlier this year (sob sob) - being home for such a long period of time without her is horrible. I miss her so much! - we're just left with one little dog. He's rather silly, and he's nearly completely blind, which means that he can't see where he's going, and if you put something in his way that he's not expecting he'll crash headfirst into it (including humans). Many a time I have to shout his name as he's just about to run into me! He's a very strange little dog, and will bark at nothing, but he's very sweet, and it's nice to have him around. He likes to jump onto beds and sit on pillows, and then look at you very sheepishly, and refuse to move. Very stubborn! But what would we do without him?

I found some kitten pictures the other day, and that just made me miss my little cat even more. Sigh....

More next week on sweetpeas, gardening, and writing!

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