Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Flower Show, Plums, and Moles

Another week has flown by, and I can't really believe that it's August already! There's lots of exciting things happening this month, including exciting book releases, weddings, and dissertation hand in! And of course, summer continues!

It was the flower show last week, which of course we dutifully attended - and even entered a few things! We won a third place for our cucumbers, which was exciting! Talking of which - we are entering into that time of the summer when we are faced with an abundance of fresh fruit and veg (which is super exciting. I love summer). At the moment, it's lots of cucumbers, courgettes, plums - and more.

I'll have to crack out some of my favourite courgette recipes soon, including soup, cake, and quiche!

The damson plums are thriving too - the tree is bending over with the weight of the plums:

So I guess it's nearly time for some jam making too!

Lots of sweetpeas still growing too.

Oh, and the moles. We don't often have moles, but they've taken over the lawn and there are huge holes everywhere!

Finally - here's a little dog who seems to think chairs/seats etc are for him and doesn't understand the concept of SPACE:

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