Sunday, 1 September 2013

Everyone to Platform 9 3/4...

The Hogwarts Express is about to leave.

I've opened blogger several times int he last couple of weeks to write a new post, started writng something and then been distracted by SUNSHINE and summer things. I was going to write about the fact that I felt like I hadn't done all the reading I wanted to do this summer, and how it has just zoomed by, and then I had another idea for a post yesterday, but of course I can't remember at all what I wanted to post about.

But now, as it is the beginning of September, and summer is gradually fading away (I refuse to let that happen yet, I mean we're not going on holiday till next week and it's still SUNNY AND NICE and there are still summery things to do, 'kay?), I figure it is time to reflect and consider that whole going back to school thing. Today, as twitter, tumblr and probably facebook are aware is the day the Hogwart's express traditionally leaves (don't tell me it's ficitional, OKAY?!) and it is back to school season. Even though I left school ages ago now, September still brings the back to school feelings and thoughts always turn to school. Although this year the summer just seems to have absolutely flown by, I don't know where it has gone and I still feel like there are so many things I meant to do this summer - trips and baking and writing and reading. I have read quite a lot, but somehow I don't feel like I read everything I wanted to. I hate that feeling. It's the same with writing. All summer I have been torn between editing, writing my new story, writing short stories, and poems, and therefore I probably haven't done enough of either, becuase I have been so unfocused. Typical. As always of course there are previous summers to compare to, previous months and that's not good. It's always when you have more time to do things that they don't really happen, right? Always happens. It's the kind of things I should be used to by now, but I'm not.

I still feel like there are things that should happen summerwise, and I suppose because we're not going away until next week (FOWEY!) that doesn't help. Yet, I have been swimming, windsurfing, on trips, done lots of cooking and eating courgettes (and trying to come up with inventive ways to use them!) and watched and played lots of tennis and other summery things like that. I have done lots of writing and lots of reading too, despite what I think. It has been a wondefully hot summer too, which has been amazing. And the harvest has been happening this week, one of my favourite times of the year, and that is always very nostalgic with the strawbales and everything, and I suppose that is tinged too with the expectation of going back to school. It's a strange feeling really. There is that thought of summer beginning to come to an end, and the looking forward to the next academic year, and all that. It's a strange time.

It is blackberry picking time too, something that is so associated with going back to school.

The end of summer is always sad for me. I love the summer, and all that it entails, but at the same time I am looking forward to getting back to Exeter and getting on with things again.  

For now, I refuse to believe that it is the end of summer, quite yet. Even if the Hogwarts Express is leaving today....

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