Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Happy Tenth Birthday Boys

Ten years - where have they gone? I honestly can't believe that Mcfly are now celebrating ten years of having been a band - that just seems insane. Ten years of this crazy road and we're all still here, still around and still going. Amazing. And my boys mean just as much to me as they did back then, and even more probably. Amazing to be able to celebrate ten years with them, and wonderful other people, at the Royal Albert Hall (!!)  and to be still be here with them all.

It makes me feel so proud and emotional and escatically happy to be a part of all of this, and to have been a part of it over the last ten years. Amazing really. My Mcfly boys have probably been one of hte few constants in my life when lots of other things have changed, and they've always been a huge comfort and support to have around, when other things have been changing.

When they launched their supercity and that stage of their career, I posted a blog post on another blog (I've been through several over the years), reflecting on how much they mean to me. Even though I wrote then that they would be around forever, and that they would always be around, I never really thought this far ahead - never thought ahead to their tenth anniversary and that they might celebrate it like this. And we've all been through a lot.

You know what, I think they will be around forever - in whatever way. They will be. They'll always be there and they'll always be a huge part of my life. I will never stop being a fan, even if I'm not that crazy obsessed fan anyway (probably a good thing anyway, that was exhausting!). 

All of this too, has made me think back over the last ten years, and everything I've done because of them - all the friends I've made, all the fics and things I've written, all the things I've done that I wouldn't have done otherwise. It's been awesome. The best. And I've met peope who have been SO important to me over the years. They're the best people. All of them. I've been so lucky.

And I've been so lucky to have Mcfly. They changed my world, and no matter how many times I say it, I can never express quite how thankful I am to them and their music and everything they've done. <3

Now, this is getting a bit soppy so I'm going to end it here - Happy Birthday Boys, you deserve it! <3

'Another year over and we're still together. It's not always easy, but Mcfly's here forever'  
The Heart Never Lies


  1. Love that you've found a band that is so personal to you. Must go listen to McFly's music now!

    1. Thanks Meredith! :) Haha, ah you must - they're fantastic (but I would say that!) xx