Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer is disappearing....

Time really is flying between these posts, and I mean to post more regularly, but somehow time just disappears. I can't believe it's half way through August already - this summer just seems to have flown by! And as always, there are so many things that I men at to do, which I haven't - isn't it always the way?!

Writing wise, I have started writing a new story, which is very exciting, but am still doing some editing too. Think (hope!) I'm nearly there with that though for now, although I still love those characters and that story SO much. Am definitely ready to start something new though. Lots of ideas buzzing around (you know how it is) and not enough time! Isn't it always the way that you think the summer will be the time when you are just able to read and write as much as you want? NEVER WORKS THAT WAY!

Still lots of books to read as well - as always.

We have the usual glut of courgettes (many of which have turned into marrows) and are trying desperately to think of new ways to use them - so far we've had quiche, soup, kebabs, pasta sauce. Who knows what will be next, I think we've got a few more things to try!

Hoping to head out windsurfing again soon. I have quickly become OBSESSED by the wind and weather and am often found sat in front of my computer staring at forecasts. Oh dear is all I can say!

Anyway, hoping to get a lot of writing done today, fingers crossed.

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