Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Return to Exeter Again...

Back in Exeter again, for last year (??!) of uni, and all moved into new flat, finally with internet working! Took a few days to sort things out, and there are still things to sort out, but getting settled in again and getting going with everything again - seeing old friends, meeting new people, getting back to work, seminars and enjoying being back in Exeter again! It's good to get going with everything again. Some things have changed, and that's sad, but there we go. Good to get back to familiar places (BTP!).

Strange to get back though after a week's holiday in Fowey, which was of course amazing - with lots of walking, paddling, boating and just wonderful Fowey-ness. Love it so much, and was super sad to leave. Really didn't want to. Much as I love Exeter, it doesn't even compare to Fowey (of course). Kept a scrapbook while I was there, with lots of notes and drawings, so that consumed my writing time, and of course I was super absorbed in Daphne and visiting familiar places and rereading things, and reading new things and visiting places I'd never had the chance to visit. All in all, it was wonderful. Can't wait to go back again and get my Fowey fix again.

Sad too to get out of shorts and flipflops. Stayed determinedly in shorts until Sunday, and flipflops until today, but the cold really is settling in and Autumn seems to be here, which makes me sad. I miss the summer already and am super sad to see it over - both leaving Fowey, coupled with the summer being over is tough! I hate that it is getting darker already, and it's just depressing. On the plus side, however, autumn is better for windsurfing, so..... Hopefully joining the windsurf society, and can't wait to get out there again. After four years, crazy to think I'm finally joining an AU club! Madness.

Writing wise, I am working on a new story - having started it, I have almost completely changed what I want to do with and am writing lots of new bits and typing some of it up, trying to make sense of it! Hoping to crack on with some more editing sometime too - as well as get going on the new course this term! Should be doing a screenwriting one, which is rather nerve racking and intimidating, and will be a huge challenge.


  1. Oooh, screenwriting sounds fun! And if you're upset by the cold weather, could you send some here, please? It's still in the 90s (super hot), and I'm craving fall. :)

    1. I hope it is! Rather nervous, but it should be good. Haha, sure - you can have it! That does sound rather hot though!