Sunday, 7 October 2012


First day since before FRESHERS WEEK where I don't have somewhere I have to be AT ANY TIME. And I have written a list of things to do that's basically an A4 sheet. All the little things you put off when you're busy. And some work. And all that.

I could go to chapel. I kind of want to, but then it's a huge chunk of the day. I haven't been going this term - I have been once (I've only been here a few weeks, it seems so much longer) but I really want to find somewhere nearer. There is a church a few minutes walk from the house, I need to try that, because I spend so much time on campus. I was there yesterday, and there tomorrow and most of this week. And I have to leave an hour to get there.

I just need a day recharging I think. Time to do all those small things I need to get done, or I'm going to burn out soon.

But now I feel bad because someone asked if I was going to chapel today and well... now I feel like I should. But I wasn't planning on it. Because I want a quiet day. Ahh. I hate myself sometimes and my inability to just say no. But no, I'm not going to go today. I did wake up this morning and think 'It's Sunday, I need to go to Church. But next week. Next week).


  1. Nah, stay home and mooch round Tumblr! Good luck with the 'to do' list. I never make them; I only get depressed when I don't get any of it done!

    1. I did, for most of the day - saw a friend I don't see much so that was lovely. Got most of the to do list done, was very proud of myself! I know, if I write it down then I HAVE to do it, seems to work.... xxx