Friday, 12 October 2012

Writing, planning, typing....

I came across a blog which has inspired me to be drastic and change the beginning of the children's novel I have been editing recently. Or was over the summer. I have just finished typing up something that I wrote over the summer, which was great to get typed up - especially before NaNo begins.

It isn't as long as I anticipated, but I know there are so many places I can add to, and things that need to change. So I'm glad to know those things. I've got lots of things jotted down, and changes to make, but I'm going to let it rest and stew in my mind for a bit while I focus on other things. It's a good feeling just to get a draft typed onto the computer!

Anyway, back to the poetry for now - seem to have started a series of poems about the smokers I see in the car park we overlook, by mistake. Oh well. Also getting very arty and creative - pictures coming soon!

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