Thursday, 20 September 2012

First Day

You know how anxious I was about the MA and stuff? Well we had a college day today, where we found stuff out, and got to meet the other people on the course. It almost felt like first day back to school! I met some really lovely, and saw some familar faces too, people on the general English course, and got to hang out with some cool people (including my wonderful friends who are doing this with me) and also to meet the few people on the Creative Writing MA. Which was awesome. Everyone was really nice and they were all awesome. The tutor, who I had come across, but he had never taught me, was awesome too and so encouraging. I'm so excited to start it now! And so glad I get to do it with awesome, friendly people.

It was weird because before today I hadn't really realised that I would be a postgraduate, a master's student, and it was weird when it hit. A postgraduate. Me! Ha! It seems crazy. I never thought I would be, and yet here I am.

It's hard to describe just how I feel about it, and how excited I am and enthuastic about this. I can't quite explain, I'm sorry! I hope you get what I mean from this babble.

Anyway, I'm even more excited about getting started. I don't even mind that I'm doing poetry now. Although I may start moaning in a few weeks... I'm so glad I'm doing this though. It seems so right.

And I got to finish off the day by doing some awesome arty screen printing with some cool kids.


  1. Yay! I'm so happy you're loving it! And yay for being a postgraduate!