Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back and happy.

Back in Exeter! And, hey, it's fine. I'm glad to be back. What did I say? I always hate that inbetween bit, when you're packing up to leave one place, but haven't arrived back yet. And moving into a new place is always difficult.

I love it though.

I love my new house and new housemates and I'm so excited about this coming year. Looking forward to my course again now, although I think I might not get to do the module I want to do which sucks (I might end up doing poetry after all :( ) but it's fantastic to be back. Revisited my favourite coffee shop again, and its always nice to find things how you remember. Oh and I love this place so much. I forgot how much. So good to be back. Yay!

Short post because going to go help my housemate with some supper. Yay! :)

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