Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Home Again.

I'm really impressed at the number of people doing this A-Z blog challenge. Well done everyone! I did consider doing it, but I think it was a lucky decision that I ran out of time to organise it, because I'm already behind with everything else that I'm meant to be doing!

Arriving home has thrown my usual schedule into chaos, with so many different distractions, and no one really around to level with the same work commitments. Yet, and hopefully once everything has settled down this will be true, I thought it would be good to be away from all the distractions and be able to focus. So far not true. It's been chaos. I suppose the distractions come in different forms, and here there seem to be plenty. My writing has had to take a back seat as well, with so many other things to focus on. Oh well, it'll all sort itself out soon... I hope.

Today, so far, has been quite good however, and I have a whole free day, which is hopeful. Well, here goes...

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