Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Exciting Things

Woah. I haven't blogged in over a week. I apologise.

I have been busy trying to finish my dissertation and essay, and getting ready to head back to Exeter next week (yay!). Just over two weeks until it's all handed in. That's a little bit scary... Writing wise things have slowed down a bit, although I have been doing a little bit of editing when I can and when I'm not too tired to look at the screen, another reason for not blogging. I have been getting horrible headaches with all this staring at the screen. Which is why I was not going to work on my computer this morning, but print things out instead... well, anyway.....

Things I have been excited about this week:

1. Holy Musical B@tman. I was very excited about the fact there was going to be a new Starkid musical. Of course, not knowing ANYTHING about Batman (I do now) I was a little unsure, and I didn't know if I would get it. But I did. Most of it. I think. And I now know stuff about Batman that well, I never thought I would. It was a very slick performance and you can tell they've become more professional which was really great. The costumes, set, script, actors and everything were wonderful. I was a little unsure about the music to begin with. On the first watch it wasn't particuarly catchy, and it lacked that Disney quality that Daren always brings to the songs he writes, and as this musical only had Starkid's who lived in Chicago Darren was not involved. Yet, the music has grown on me, and it is now catchy. They did a great job, as always. And there were a couple of new members of the team who were awesome. Most notably Jeff Blim who played Sweet Tooth. He was AMAZING. His perfomance was so slick, the way he was able to do what he did was quite spectacular (I won't be specific). While it was very different from their other musicals, it reminded me just why I love these guys so much. They're TOTALLY AWESOME.

That was not meant to turn into a musical review - I apologise.

2. Secondly, something that I meant to mention ages ago but have been reminded of, as I'm so excited about it again is GLOW. Set up by four of the girls from Starkid, who are all wonderful in their own right, this is a website and blog set up to help girls 'glow'. It's a really inspiring community and I love it. It really makes me think, its encouraging and it gives me a place to belong. Girls, check it out. Its at Its awesome.

3. This website: I want to write a post about YA books, which I've half started, anyway part of my point is that there is nothing about UK YA out there, but well, now there is. Awesome!

4. Heading back to Exeter next week!

And now I really need to get on with this essay. Apologies for the post that turned into a promotional post... I didn't mean to do that. But they're exciting things! :)

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