Sunday, 23 November 2014

Writing, Little Things, and fangirling

Well, I've been a little quiet on the blog this week, and apologies for that. I hope eveyone's had a good week! I've been busy doing lots of writing, among other things. My non-NaNo draft is steaming ahead - hit 30k earlier this week, which I was delighted with, although I'm not planning on getting to 50k by the end of November. I'm surprised by how much it's taken over - I have got rather into it, more than I thought, and thus editing has taken a back seat (more than I attended). I will get back to that when I've finished this draft. Sometimes its rather nice to just work on writing something new from scratch.

This week has turned very wet, and bit chillier, which has meant the big winter hats coming out!  Today is a very wet and grey, which means hibernating inside and enjoying some comfort food.

Mockingjay came out this week, about which I was very excited and absolutely adored (despite a traumatic cinema experience). I am now addicted to the song, The Hanging Tree, from the film, which I can't stop singing.

And a trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 was released, and I am so excited!

So clearly, this week has been very fangirly.

Here are some things I've been grateful for:

Warm fires, 
Old friends, 
Catching up, 
Festive times, 
Rainy days. 

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!