Saturday, 1 November 2014

Clocks, Pumpkins, sunshine, and birthdays

I've been a little lazy with my blog posting this week, and everything's got a bit out of sync. Anyway, this week has been a busy, with exciting birthday celebrations and big MuggleNet announcements, among other things.

It's November now, and yet, yesterday, Halloween, I was able to sit outside, in the sunshine, and go on a long walk - in a t-shirt! I also saw one lone deer on my walk,which was quite striking really. The weather was quite unseasonal, and bizarre, and yet, wonderful. you know? Today, is a little autumnal, but then again, it is November now. I can't believe that it's November already. It doesn't feel like it should be yet! And yet, here we are.

At the beginning of last week, the clocks went back, which means that it gets dark very early in the evening now. I don't really like it getting dark so early - it's very disorienting and not very nice! I hate the long, dark evenings. And you forget just how quickly it gets dark. It's different in the country too. You notice it more I suppose. There are no street lights after all!

Many of the trees are looking rather bare now, with the winds that have made them drop their leaves and the landscape is beginning to look quite different.

Also this week, we had a mini AGA crisis, when we ran out of fuel - but luckily it was resolved after only a few days, and we were able to go ahead and celebrate my wonderful little sister's twenty first birthday! We had a lovely dinner party, with lots of pink and princess themed things, which was perfect and it was a wonderful night.

I even successfully made a pink, heart cake, which I was very proud of as I'd never made anything like it (though I didn't make the beautiful flowers on it).

Happy November everyone (and to many of you happy noveling - and good luck!). See you next week!

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