Friday, 15 August 2014

That Autumn Feeling

Autumn seems to have already arrived, even though it's only the middle of August. I woke up this morning to a crisp chill in the air, which is suited more to October than August. It's already getting darker earlier, and it makes me sad to think that summer is over. I want to cling on and not let go. It was easy to believe in June, July, that the hot weather would go on and on forever. I feel like there are so many things I meant to do that I didn't, so many things I thought I'll leave that till later.

With the apparent early change in season, it means that the fruits and everything are early. I already picked some blackberries (!). And as I mentioned before, the plum tree this year is absolutely laden with plums - I don't think that I've ever seen so many on it before! Yesterday I made some jam and stewed fruit - the stewed fruit turned out okay, but I have yet to taste the jam. It seems to have set (major achievement), so I'm hoping that it tastes okay!

We are also inundated with courgettes, as well as tomatoes and cucumbers. After waiting for them to grow for months, there's always this momentary panic of what on earth do we do with all of this?! I am planning on making some courgette cakes, as well as some quiche (always yummy and something I have yet to do this summer, shock horror).

It is harvest time as well, and there is nothing nicer than walking through a field that has just been harvested, and smelling the straw and sitting on the straw bales. Plus, there are about ten deer that we keep seeing in one of the fields, which is lovely.

In other news, First Time Farmers has started again on Channel 4, which is always an entertaining watch.

I hope summer makes another brief appearance at some point.

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