Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Birthday Fun!

Spring is definitely in the air today! Whoop!

This weekend was crazy busy, as was to be expected, but it all went very well. If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw my happy tweets about the annual MethAng musical, and I apologise for that! This year it was actually on my birthday (usually it's just in the lead up) but it was a great day as I got to spend it all with my friends, and they bought my birthday cake and lots of lovely presents and it was a great day. Old friends came back to see the musical too, so it was good fun. I had much smaller roles this year so didn't have all that rehearsing to do, and so I took lots of photos!

The play went really well - I knocked over a piece of scenery as I went on stage (in my defence, we never usually have so much scenery...) and a couple of people fell over, but otherwise it went well and we raised an amazing amount of money for a local charity.

Afterwards, we had the usual after party to celebrate and it was awesome.

So it was a good weekend. And now spring is coming! Yay!

And this Friday I'm going to a little event at the Bath Book festival with a certain JK Rowling... eeeeek.

Anyway, today I have to finish editing an essay and a story in for tomorrow. Then I can get on with some editing again! Yay!

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