Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Little Things

My last two posts have got me thinking.

Most specifically about little things, all those little moments that always make everything worthwhile. They're the moments, the tiny little things that you might take for granted, the things you miss if you don't stop for a while, and think listen, appreciate. I think I've posted about this before, and there's a wonderful poem somewhere about stopping to think and watch (I've posted it before - in fact you can read it here). There is even a magazine The Simple Things, which I love, and often treat myself to it.

Anyway, I try to do this. Try to stop and watch, listen. But sometimes its so easy to take things for granted.

Anyway, in honour of this, I'm going to try and post once a week about the small things that I have noticed/been happy about/grateful for that week - the little things. Whatever comes to mind. And please, contribute your own!

This week's little things:

Beautiful sunsets and skies, 
The sun streaked with pink, purple, and orange,
Still, September evenings, 
Dew on my bare feet in the mornings, 
Tea and laughter, 
The smell of sweet peas, 
Coffee with friends, 
Alohomora! on a Sunday morning, 


  1. Hasn't sunset been astonishing this week? So beautiful.