Friday, 12 April 2013

Discussion Questions #2

Another Anna RAL post for you all. Here's my answers to the second set of discussion questions. Still loving being able to reread this amazing book. Etienne <3 

At the end of what we read last, St Clair asked Anna a question that could change their friendship. Would you answer the same way?

Yes, I think so. I think she does what is right, given the situation. And also maybe the easy way out!? I would certainly go with that anyway.

Anna realizes in Chapter 17 that she and St Clair will both be spending their Thanksgiving break at school, basically alone. How do you think this changes their relationship?

Oh man, this changes their relationship SO much. I adore this bit of the story, I think it’s so adorable and I love how she manages to get him out the house and back into the world again. It’s so cute. And all the time they spend together… they get to know each other in a way that they couldn’t before, because no one else is around. And the fact that she bothers – she makes the effort to find out what is going on with his mum, and he really appreciates that. I think that’s adorable. I mean, having been to that sort of place before, I know how much that would mean. Someone making an effort without asking ‘are you okay?’ all the time.

Anna and St Clair’s relationship changes even more over the Christmas holiday. Do you think either of them realizes just HOW much?

I don’t think they do until near the end of the holidays. I love how easy they become with each other, and I love all the calls and emails. I think they probably do realise as the holidays go on – for Anna especially on New Year. I love it when she says that St Clair is now ‘home’. Without anyone else around them again, they become really close and share everything and I love how they become close when they’re apart from each other. I love this bit so much. Maybe they don’t quite realise the full extent of how it’s changed though.

Anna has a big realization about her relationship with St Clair at the end of chapter 30. Discuss!

Okay, I know I keep saying this, but I LOVE this moment, when she goes to meet St Clair and Josh and sees them sitting there on the steps and realises. Oh my goodness – such an amazing moment! And she can’t walk, and then he sees her, and then he gives her the bead and Josh is just there like ‘aha…’ and oh man I love it so much! Finally right?!

How do you think Anna will deal with her new feelings for St Clair?
I’ve read it before so I feel like I’m cheating…. But with Ellie around, and Meredith I think she knows she’s in a sticky situation.

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