Friday, 5 April 2013

Anna RAL - Discussion Questions

One of the challenges is to answer these discussion questions, which can be found here .
Here are my answers. 

Discussion Questions

Anna is afraid to really experience Paris when she arrives. Would you be, or would you look at it as an adventure?

I would be terrified, and would definitely be inclined to stay in my room, but I like to think I would go out and be brave and think of it as an adventure!! I think if I had been pushed into it a little like she has been I would be just as afraid, but maybe if I was prepared for it I would be braver! Who knows!

Which of the characters we meet – Anna, St Clair, Josh, Rashmi, or Meredith – do you most identify with? Why?

It’s impossible to pick just one. I think there are elements of most of the characters that I identify with. I guess Meredith though; because she is the best friend and she clearly pines after Etienne, but she is never going to be with him. She is supportive of her friends, but stays in the background. She is loyal too. I also love the way that she collects things and how decorated her room is – she is passionate about the Beatles and a football player.

But then, I identify with Anna’s uncertainties and alienation in a foreign city. She is grateful to be accepted and finds herself amazed that she is part of a group. Her train of thoughts and awkardness I totally relate too, and I guess Anna's voice and insecurities is one of the main reasons I pick this book up again and again. Rash is quiet and uncertain about the intruder to their group, although she is also loyal and stands up for Anna, which I admire. Josh too is quiet and passionate and dedicated.

Anna is drawn to St Clair, as well, everyone is. She wants to be “just friends” with him. Do you think this will be possible for her? Can a guy and a girl BE just friends?

Yes. I think they can. One of my best friends is a guy. Although I think the attraction between the two of them is strong it’s kind of inevitable….

What are your first impressions of Anna? Of St Clair?

I love Anna. From the first sentence I adore her voice and character.

And St Clair… how can you not fall in love with him from that moment when Anna runs into him? *swoon*

What’s your favorite moment or quote from what we’ve read so far?
These are tough questions!
Okay; so I managed to pull some moments and vague quotes out:
The moment when Anna walks into Etienne for the first time and goes ‘Not a wall, a boy’.
The moment when she is standing on the star and he tells her about it and welcomes her to Paris, and when the wind blows and he says ‘must have been a good one’. 

The bit when Anna finally orders food and St Clair yells across the dining room. 

And when he does the dodgy 'fo shiz' accent.  

And the bit where Anna talks about how Meredith pratically throws napkins at her... that makes my heart twist. Poor Mer.  
See, I just love how Stephanie Perkins manages to combine humor with really cute moments! I have gone back to these moments thinking there are lines I want to pick out, but realising I want to quote the whole page, I realized that is impossible!

Okay, as I keep reading on, I keep finding more things I want to quote. 

Like the moment when Etienne hears the news about his mum and he is so heartbroken, and that moment is so devestating. 

And, his drunken confession.

The exchange between Josh and Anna when she's like should we be skipping school?

This book is too full of good moments! Sorry....   

(I nearly got super geeky referencing these... curse of the English student). 
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  1. Glad you are enjoying Anna and the French Kiss. I agree with you, there's a ton of great quotes- Anna's inner dialogue is probably my favorite parts of the book. Well, besides St. Clair. (:

    1. It gets better with each reread! There definitely are loads of brilliant moments and quotes. It is fantastic. WEll of course! xx

  2. Ahhh, "fo shiz." That ALWAYS cracks me up, because I just hear him in his English accent saying it and I LOL. Also, yes, Anna is SO authentic as a character, and yes, I pretty much fell for St Clair the moment we met him.

    1. I know right! Such a fantastic character. She is, she's fantastic and so relatable! I totally get her. That's probably why I keep coming back to the book. Oh yes, who wouldn't? <3 xxx