Monday, 27 August 2012

Editing Woes

Been editing like mad in the last few days, trying to get on with it and it has been going well. I keep finding little notes I've put to myself, however, written at times when I couldn't do that particuar thing, but knew I should think about it. Now I'm left with things like 'extend this chapter' or 'split into two chapters and extend'. And I'm like, huuuuh? Would extending this chapter actually make it better, or would it just be a load of extra waffle? How do I actually extend this chapter? And then I sit here for a little longer, before deciding to leave that particualar problem for the day. Which isn't so productive.

Does anyone else have those sort of editing problems? Or is that just me?

On another note however, I am feeling productive today, unlike yesterday when I just felt so lack lustre and restless, I couldn't settle to anything. Today I might actually get something productive done!



  1. I know how you feel, I'm always touchy when editing chapters because I don't know whether I'm making it better or worse.
    GOod luck!!

    1. I know, its so difficult to know isn't it!! Aahhh! Thank you :) xxxx