Monday, 18 June 2012

Home Again.

I'm home now. I had a wonderful but very busy and emotional weekend. My room is covered in boxes, and I don't really have anywhere to put it all. The main problem is books. I have accumulated too many of them over the last three years and I don't think that they have ever been in the same place as all my other books! It's going to be fun to try to sort that out.

I also realised that in my rush on Thursday or Friday I put in the wrong number of words on my camp nano profile, which makes it look like I wrote so many more words that I did... whoops. And now the chart is stuck like that - it looks like I then lost all those words. Well..... whoops. That's kinda irritating!

I have to try to catch up again, although I think I'm still ahead, and while I was busy over the weekend, I managed to get some handwritten, so I'll begin by typing some up I think! And then time to get back on track.

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