Wednesday, 9 May 2012

deadlines and freedom.

It's strange not having any academic deadlines coming up. I don't think I've adjusted yet to having no academic work to do, and having all this 'free' time ahead of me is very strange. It's always the way that when you have loads of other stuff you have to be doing, you dream of a time when you can have the free time to do what you want - in my case read loads of books, write, and drink lots of coffee. And I have been doing that. But once you're able to, the feeling is never quite the same.

Anyway, so that is what I've been doing. Lots of writing and reading, and catching up with freidns, and drinking coffee. And a wonderful new cafe from home opened down here this week, which made me very excited! While I don't have any academic deadlines coming up, as I mentioned, I still feel like I have loads to do. In a way I do, partly becasue I impose so many deadlines on myself and things to do - like, I must write this, or do that.... and I guess that's why I feel like I haven't really stopped yet. I have so many different things I want to do doing though, that I can't really settle to one... which is kinda annoying. So many projects I want to finish, ones I want to carry on, or start, and editing... eurgh. So I find myself darting from one to the other, not being quite happy with what I've doing. It's always going to be the way isn't it? And now I have all this time, I seem to waste so much doing.... I don't really know. I've got stuff done this morning - I made some research notes on something for one of my stories (very exciting, I don't often have something I need to research so much!) and so I'm feeling productive. This is one reason why I'm considering doing camp nano, nano always gets me writing loads without worrying, but then I have loads I should finish first.... hmmm. tricky. 

I suppose I just have to get into a new routine which I will, because without writing where would I be? I need it. And I got a huge stack of books out the library and its like, I can read these without feeling guilty. Oh yes!  Like I said, I'm still getting used to all this time ahead of me, and wondering how to make the most of it....

Right now, I'm waiting for the rain to stop a little so I can go out and get coffee as I've run out, and if I don't have any in the morning I won't be happy! Also a chance to go outside and clear my head is always welcome. Best thinking and idea time! And I'm rewatching lots of Starkid videos, which is great becasue I know the musicals so well, I can have them in the background and still be productive, because they tend to inspire me. Yay, go Starkid. Although the end of AVPS did make me really emotional. Oh well....

And tomorrow I'm off to see some friends in Bristol. Yay! It will be nice to go and do something a bit different as I always appreciate coming back so much! Anyway, just a quick hi for now.

Just by writing this blog has inspired me to go do creative things and be happy and write. Yay. Sorry for this ramble!

p.s. its a week since I handed everything in.... and it still hasn't sunk in?!

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