Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Beach trip!

So I'm meant to be getting out at least 500 words before I join my friends for a day at the beach. Yet I'm here - this counts, right?!

Despite my best intentions I didn't get round to blogging this weekend. It has turned into beautiful weather, and this weekend was hectic. I suppose it's getting to that point in the term, when everyone has finished exams and wants to have fun. Yay! And as the weather gets nicer I feel worse for staying inside with my laptop and instead try to take myself off outside. Although as Camp NaNo approaches, I'm not sure how pratical this is going to be.... I'm sure I'll work it out. I'm hoping to get into a routine, where I get lots of writing done in the morning, so I can go off and do other stuff without feeling guilty for being there, because that happens so much, and it's not always fun. Guilt. It's not fun. Even though I know I don't have to do it, I want to and I need to and... well, I'm trying to work it out myself.

Anyway, I don't want to start rambling now about my guilt and my lack of blogging, becasue otherwise I'll always be apologising.

I'm going to go do some writing, and then enjoy the beach!!

So excited that it seems that summer is finally here.

I got myself another huge stack of books out yesterday from the library, including loads I've been meaning to read for ages, which is very exciting. Summer!


  1. I know how you feel. It's a beautiful day today and the beach is calling, but I'm stuck indoors trying to get some revision done for my last exam of the year.
    Oh I couldn't find you on the Camp NaNo site, any chance you could send me the link to your profile? We can try and be in a cabin together if you want?

    1. Oh I've nominated you for an award to http://strangerthanwriting.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/sunshine-award.html :)

    2. Aw no, it really is annoying isn't it. Good luck with the exam... hope it all goes well! That is really frustrating!
      The site isn't working for me at the moment, so I'll link you as soon as I can!
      Oooh thanks, that's very kind, I'll go have a look!

  2. Yay for beach reading! That's definitely the best kind. Good luck with Camp NaNo!

    1. Absolutely! It is indeed!