Monday, 21 November 2011


So I have completed NaNoWriMo for the year. YAY! I had 5,000 left this morning and decided to just go for it and finish it, which left me with an aching hand and also a feeling of guilt at the work I should have been doing, but I did feel good to finish it. I have to say I think I've finished earlier than usual, which is impressive, and although I did rush the last 5,000 and am definitely not as happy with them as I am with the rest of what I wrote I suppose that's a part of NaNo and it was going to happen. It definitely needs a lot of work, but I did it. I thought also that I would have enough story to take me way beyond the 50,000 mark, it turned out I didn't and struggled to get there in the last few hundred words - maybe that was psychological, I don't know, but it was rather annoying. It was probably becuase I was rushing to finish and although I kenw what I wanted to happen, didn't think about it enough. But why am I complaining? I have managed to write 50,000 words in 21 days, which is pretty impressive and I enjoy being able ot do that.
I have definitely improved so much since my first NaNo which was a pile of nonsense, and I actually (sort of) had enough story to get me to the end without throwing in a ridiculous plot.
Oddly, I didn't feel quite as happy and relieved as I should have done to finish. Maybe becuase I rushed it to get to the end, that feeling didn't come.
Oh well.
I still like my idea. I'm not sick of it. Good? Bad?
But at the same time I'm looking forward to getting back to editing my other project, and starting to plan my next one whilst giving this one a rest before I look at it again.
Also, the story changed completely from what I expected it to be, but that was quite exciitng, and the way I like it to be - where I vaguely know what I want to happen, but there's so much space for other stuff to happen that its exciting and not a stressful thing when you realise that will work better.
I have been enjoying Maureen Johnson's NaNo advice each day on her tumblr, it is very useful and I want to copy it and keep it all as inspiration. Really, go read it. So helpful.
In other news, I handed in a story today for CW that I really wasn't that happy with, but it had to do. My essay is nearly finished too. Yay!
My wrist is killing now, need to get off the computer, and go have supper.

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