Monday, 1 June 2015

Why Pinterest reinvigorated my writing

So, recently, I started using Pinterest again. I'd used it a little bit before and liked the idea. But I'd never used it for my writing. I knew friends who did, and I didn't think that it would work for me. But then something, I can't remember what now, prompted it. I think I thought that I should look up some pictures as a guide for my Scottish island story. And so I thought of Pinterest, and just like that I was hooked.

So now I've created boards for all my projects, and scroll through them before I start writing, in order to take me back to that place. In a way, because I'm working on several different things at once, it helps me get back into that frame of mind and to the right place.

So I'm now a huge fan of Pinterest and using it for writing, in a way that I hadn't thought I would be. It's a great way to find inspiration and ideas - from landscapes to character outfits. I'm a very visual person and I see things like films in my head, if that makes sense, so of course it makes sense that it works for me.

Does anyone else use Pinterest for writing inspiration?


  1. I don't use Pintrest, though I do have an account, instead I use WeHeartIt, which has a very similar feel but I prefer it for some reason. Do you have a link to your boards? I'd love to see :)

    1. Ah I thought I remembered you saying you used something like Pinterest, but I couldn't remember what! I'll have to check that one out, I haven't looked at it. Yes! Will find a link.

    2. :) I did start some for my other stories, but they're not all public at the moment.