Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Back to the Countryside

I returned to Sussex nearly a couple of weeks ago, after five years in Exeter, this time not only for the summer, but for the indefinite future. I don't think the full reality of that has sunk in, and it probably won't sink in until the end of the summer, when it's going back to school time, and I won't be. It'll be the first time that I won't be returning to education, and that will be strange.

But I don't want to think about that yet.

For now, it's the summer and one of my favourite times of year. It's great to be back in the country, and be surrounded by green and fields and trees.

The sun has been shining, and everything just looks so wonderful. The colours in the flower beds are fabulous, so many great colours. There's so much life and I love summer. There's so much to soak up, and I just love being back in the country, taking in all the smells, and sights. It's so pretty, and it's so quiet. The only things you can hear are tractors in the distance, cows mooing, and planes overheard. Oh, and at the moment, the tennis on the TV.

I love summer: there's so much expectation and hope hanging in the air. The evenings are light until late, and you can sit outside, on the grass, in the sun, and enjoy all the benefits of summer. There's nothing better than a lazy day reading on the lawn, the sun blazing.

I am so glad to be away from the city. I can't imagine wanting to be there during the summer, so it's amazing to be back in the countryside. Right now, I am still totally in love with the country - and summer time!

Next time: cows, bees, and a blind dog.

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