Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Welcome to my new writing blog, where I hope to blog a little more about my various writing projects and ups and downs.

As I have many other blogs/have tried other blog sites I decided to try this one, and the curious thing was, as I used my email to log in I realised I'd already made a blog about three years ago (hence why my profiles dates from '08) and had written about four posts on it. I evidently gave up after not very long, and completely forgot about it, instead I think dedicating myself to livejournal instead. Still a curious thing to find, rather like finding old diaries (another thing I did the other day whilst having a sort out - I found some diaries I'd forgotten that I'd written that particular year). It was like a time capsule, finding a bit of myself here tidied away until I found it again.

I have now deleted that blog (copying the posts for memory) and updated my user profile as necessary.

Anyway, hopefully this is the beginning of another journey. Please join me!

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