Thursday 23 July 2015

Sea, Earth, Sky

Hello everyone, it's been a while and I apologise for how awful I am with keeping up with this blog.

I'm going to keep blogging here, specifically about my writing, but I wanted a space to write about other things without this becoming a huge mish-mash of posts and topics. I set up this blog to talk specifically about writing and reading (I can't believe how long ago - nearly four years!) and I am so impressed that I've kept it going. Over the past few years I've tried out different topics, different series and regular posts, trying to keep it going and I don't want to lose that.

I will keep posting on this blog, hopefully about writing, events I go to (YALC post coming soon, as well as a recap of the Winchester Writers' Festival.... I know, it's been a while, I really should), and more, as well as general updates on my writing (yes I really need to do that).

But I also wanted a space where I could explore more specifically other interests, such as my love for the sea and coast, the countryside, and my attempt to live a simple, happy life. So I created this space here at Sea, Earth, Sky, where I have lots of upcoming ideas for posts and series. Join me there - and please subscribe, follow, like etc. Thank you! And thank you for all your support - the journey continues!

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